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Now it's over I'm dead and I haven't done anything that I want

or, I'm still alive and there's nothing I want to do

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alan cumming, army of darkness, black eyeliner, bono, bracelets, bright eyes, britpop, bruce campbell, butthole surfers, cake, charlie-in-the-box, christina ricci, coldplay, concerts, cooking, dalai lama, danny elfman, david bowie, depeche mode, disco balls, donnie darko, douglas adams, dragonflies, dragons, drew barrymore, drinking, edward norton, edward scissor hands, elves, empire records, eucalyptus, ewan mcgregor, fairies, fangs, feathers, foo fighters, foreign films, forgotten isle, frank sinatra, frogs, futurama, gavin friday, geology, glitter, guinness, guys and dolls, hair dye, handcuffs, hobbit, invader zim, j.r.r. tolkien, jamie oliver, jean grey, jimi hendrix, john cusack, john waters, johnny depp, jonathan fire eater, keiretsu, king arthur, leonard cohen, lord of the rings, lucero, manic street preachers, mansun, mayfair witches, mercedes lackey, modest mouse, monty python, moons, moonstone, movies, moxy früvous, muse, nakedness, nelfty, nfty, nirvana, okgo, olohof, painting nails, pedro the lion, photography, pi, pictures, pigtails, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, pj harvey, reese witherspoon, rem, rings, robert smith, rocky horror picture show, rose oil, run lola run, sark, sci-fi, scifi, scissor sisters, sean bean, sean connery, sigur ros, silver, simpsons, sinead lohan, something awful, son volt, squee, stairs, star wars, stars, stones & minerals, suns, sunsets, tea, tears for fears, tequila, the 80's, the beatles, the comic book guy, the cure, the pogues, the simpsons, the waterboys, ticketmaster, tickets, tim burton, tmbg, tool, tori amos, trainspotting, travelling wilburys, turtles, twin peaks, u2, uncle tupelo, vampire hunter d, vampires, violent femmes, vodka, watching people, wilco, x-men, zen, zero seven, ,
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